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Grow your bank of leads in an efficient and effective manner at this fantastic Construction Market. Meet 100's of senior decision makers who will be in attendance, you can be sure to leave with plenty of opportunities that will drive your business forward. 

Secure your future by confirming your space at the event and let us bring the contacts you're looking for to you.   

Gain maximum exposure

 Time is money, so what better way to invest in your business than a day of meetings with senior decision makers looking for solutions and services in their construction and infrastructure projects. The show is already attracting a high calibre of attendees with 100's already confirming their attendance. Exhibit and unlock your potential growth.  

Meet the buyers


Showcase your latest innovations at the exhibition and appeal to all attendees looking for new technologies to use in their major projects. There are plenty of unrivalled networking events taking place throughout the day to ensure that you meet with all decision makers and industry leaders with business to place. 

a few things happening in Essex..

Lower Thames Crossing

Stansted Airport

Harlow Science Park

Southend Airport

Brentwood Enterprise Park

A120 & A12

Why should I visit?

Be one step ahead of the competition


Attendees will have plenty of opportunities to grow their professional network, exchange ideas and learn best practises from established practitioners and brands in their field. Prepare to be amazed as we'll be bringing you more entertainment and exclusive functions than you can possibly imagine.  


 Networking is essential to the growth of any business. It’s important to meet like-minded peers, learn about the latest trends and ask for advice from those who've been there and done it all. There are few better ways to do this than by attending an industry specific Business Market like our Construction Markets.

R & D Tax Credit Surgery

Wood & Disney have team up with  super duper R & D Tax Credit experts R and D Consulting to bring an all day surgery which will answer all your questions in regards not only R & D Tax Credits but any thing that financially gives you a headache.


Steve Doyle - LinkedIn for Business


LinkedIn Training with Steve Doyle

As a sales and marketing professional with over 30 years experience, Steve has worked in large corporations, start-ups and in his own business. He has worked on both the client and agency side and extensively on all elements of the marketing mix. 

He understands that growing sales in competitive markets is tough for all businesses, big or small and he is passionate about making sure that they have the support and knowledge to get the most from their marketing and sales activities.  

Kubi Springer - Brand Expert

 Since 1996 brand specialist Kubi Springer has been working with companies and high profile individuals to create, build and grow their brands for commercial success.  With an impressive portfolio of global powerhouses, Kubi Springer’s name has become synonymous with three words - She Builds Brands. Renowned for her in-depth knowledge and understanding of industry trends, 

Kubi has created a reputation of being able to launch and grow brands to international markets, with a focus on the brands’ commercial development and sustainability. 

Celebrating twenty-two years in consumer brand marketing, today Kubi Springer splits her time between delivering projects as an International Brand Specialist and traveling the world as a Brand Trainer & Speaker.

Paul Durrant - Sales Consultant


PDT Sales Consultancy was founded by Paul Durrant who is a certified sales professional with over 25 years sales and business development experience. Most businesses make a living selling something to someone but the ‘selling’ part often gets overlooked. 

PDT Sales Consultancy helps address this oversight, by bringing more strategy, process and technique to your sales function i.e. selling smarter, selling better and selling more and this is what makes PDT Sales Consultancy different from all your other generic ‘help sector’ options i.e. business coaches, mentors, marketers and advisers. 

Are you using the right levers to build your business?

Masterclass - Hosted by Coach Directors

 Are you a business owner who is looking to get the best performance from your company? Do you recognise all the tools available to you to generate more productivity, revenue and profit from your team? This workshop will explain how most business owners actively use between 6-7 levers to achieve success, when they can gain maximum leverage from applying 20 key levers to build their business and their top performing team.  

What's the future of construction post carillion?

How the mighty have fallen!

 In the months since the collapse of Carillion, the failed Wolverhampton construction and services group has become a political hot potato.

The Government is facing questions over why it continued to push work Carillion's way even after it became clear the company was in trouble.

And Labour has seized on the Wolverhampton company's 450 Government contracts as a weapon to beat the current administration over the head for the perceived failings of public private finance initiatives and the evils of outsourcing public sector work to private sector companies. Ignoring, of course, the way the last Labour administration seized on PPI as a way of paying for public projects while kicking the bill down the road.

What all these political shenanigans obscure, of course, is that what we have here is one of the biggest, thorniest and potentially painful business failures in years.

Join our debate!

We have put together a panel of industry experts which will create a fantastic discussion and debate about this very hot potato!

Interior Design Masterclass


Join one of the country’s leading commercial and domestic joiners.

Are you a developer/and or contractor interested in finding out more about the design, manufacture and cost of bespoke joinery?

This masterclass will cover the following:

- How to achieve the most cost effective design

- How to set and stay within budget

- What are the best materials and finishes to use

- Installation procedures

Richard Vassallo is an experienced Quantity Surveyor with vast experience in the 5* hotel, high end residential and retail markets. He has been the owner / director of SYMES Interiors since 2014, making bespoke joinery for private clients, contractors and developers throughout the country and overseas. SYMES’ workshop and showroom is in Hampshire and they offer a design service as well.  


Become a Gold Sponsor - £550


  1. Website advertising (with click through to your company website)
  2. Marketing flyer advertising (logo with click through to your company website)
  3. Opportunity to present at exhibition
  4. Full page advertisement in exhibition programme 
  5. Exhibition space
  6. Entry to VIP BBQ FOR 2

Become a Silver Sponsor - £375


  1. Website advertising (with click through to your company website)
  2. Marketing flyer advertising (logo with click through to your compay website)
  3. Half page advertisement in exhibition programme
  4. Exhibition space
  5. Entry to VIP BBQ for 1

£250 - Become a Bronze Sponsor


  1. Website advertising (with click through to your company website)
  2. Marketing flyer advertsing (logo with click through to your company website
  3. Quarter page advertisement in exhibition programme

Profit from the sale of all masterclass places goes to Rainham Food Bank


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